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Monday, November 4, 2013

Math Stations

This week we are stepping up our game !

I have___.  I need ___. 
Each child received a green and orange crayon.  Then they drew a card.   The represented  that amount in the ten frame 
with green (the card is written in green) and then figured out what they would need to make 10. 

Counting Jar
Button are taped together in a jar. Each child grabs a strip of buttons, counts them, and writes them on their paper. 

Decomposing numbers 
Each child draws a card (11-20) and then writes the number, shows it in a 20 frame and place value and writes the number sentence of tens and ones. 

Children work together to show their number (0-20).  If they show their number in a different way they are to use "mathematical dialogue" to see if/how they are both correct. 

Before and after
Yellow cards are used for what number comes after 
Orange cards are used for what number  comes before 

20 frame war
Each child draws a card and tells their partner their number.   They then have to decide whose card is the greatest.  The one with the greatest card gets to keep the set and then they draw again. 

One more, one less

Students draw a card and wrote the number that is one more and me less.  A number line is on the button if the paper to help them.  

Counting on cups 

The other two stations are iPads and computer. 

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