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Monday, October 14, 2013

Spooky Math Stations!!!

I love this time of year!   Fall is my favorite season.  There is football, great foods, holidays, family get togethers... Did I mention football??? 😊
This week is conference week so we  have shorter days, then we will have a field trip, pumpkin tasting, and other fun things going on so I am going to use these stations for 3 weeks.  

Counting On Cups
Each container has counters in them and the container is labeled 1 - 20. The students wrote the number that is in the cup in the cup on their paper and the wrote which numbers come next. 

20 Frames 
We are using our "play dough mats" to represent the our numbers 0-20.  We have cute Halloween erasers to fill our 20 frames.  

20 Frame War
The students are LOVING this one so I chose not to rotate it out :) 

Matching Sets 
The students match the number to the number word and then to the set. 

Www.sheppardsoftware.com has so many math games! 

We love Finding Sums!   It's a great App

20 Frames

Spooky spiders are used to represent the number card that each student picks (0-20) 

Greater than, less than, and equal to 
Each student chooses a card and then makes a set that is greater than, less than, and equal to that number...the twist is they use skeletons ....ewwww!!!

Matching Sets 
I saw this on Pinterest and had to do it!  The students match the number to the number word and then to the set.  It just looks cuter with candy born though :) 
1-10 matched the number, number word, and dots
11-20 matched the number, place value, and 20 frames

Representing Numbers in Different Ways 
Students match the number (0-10)to the number word, ten frame, dot card, set, even or odd, hands, and tally marks

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