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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reading stations

Chart station
They love reading their sight word poems and color song poems. This station helps them work on their word recognition and fluency. 

Computer Station 
I love Leap Frog's Letter Factory

Alliteration Station
The students are matching the picture to the letter /sound they hear in the beginning.  (They said "We rocked this"). 

Magnet Station 
Students are matching the beginning sound to the picture (they enjoyed this so much, I rotated it back in ) 

iPad Station
Thy love the iPads and I love that I can choose different games or levels depending on what each child needs. 

Write the Room Station 
Being able to walk around with a clip board makes all the kids feel "big".  

Rhyming station
They loved finding the match for their rhyming words. 

Sight word station

They have enjoyed this station so much I decided to keep it in for one more rotation. 

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