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Thursday, October 31, 2013


 Whew!  I am exhausted!  This has been a crazy week. Today we had a fun day.  
This morning we created haunted houses  and wrote about them.  The kids were able to use foam pieces and then add details. 

Next we graphed how we wanted to carve our jack o' lantern.  

Then we carved our pumpkin.  We discussed the shapes we were cutting and each shapes attributes (features). 

Then it was time for our special snack.  We won Stevie Bs night last month so mrs Akins went and picked up our pizzas.   We also had Frankenstein Rice Krispy Treats. 

We made a jack o' lantern glyph 

Then we played our spooky math games!

Pin the spider on the web
We worked in positional words 

Ring toss
We worked in 5 as a benchmark number.

I have 4. I need 1 to make 5. 

Eyeball bounce 
10 as a benchmark number 

I have 1.  I need 9 to make 10.

Bean bag toss

Our treat bags turned out so cute!!!

Bride of Frankenstein was for the girls. 

Frankenstein for the boys 

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