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Monday, October 21, 2013

Literacy Stations

Rhyming Flip Books
I love flip books.  The kids really enjoyed making these rhyming flip books.   They choose the words and are able to draw and label their words. 

The kids were able to choose a letter and the draw and label 6 pictures that started with that sound.  

*this child drew a giraffe for "j" , this works since giraffe starts with the /j/ sound 

Letter Sort
Are your letters tall, small, or do they fall? 


Sight Word Graphing
Each student choose the sight word list that they are working on and graphed their sight words.  They loved choosing their colors.  

iPads - 

The kids can read their color songs and sight word poems.  They are able to practice tracking their print and fluency. 

Depending on each child's level they watch Word Factory or Letter Factory. 

Write the Room

Sight words 
Students choose the list they are aorking on and "type" their sight words 

Writing station
The students are able to add to the picture and then write. 

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