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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Math Stations

We love our spooky math stations 
Station 1: Smart Board 

Station 2: Computers 

Station 3: Graphing 
Studnwts count how many of each object they see and then record their findings on their graph. 

Station 4:  1 more or 1 less 
Students draw an acorn card and record what is 1 more than that number or 1 less (depending on their board) 

Station 5: numbers 
Students match the numeral, to the number word, to the set. 

Station 6: iPads 

Station 7: Building Numbers 
Students  draw a spider web card and build the number using spiders. 

Station 8:<,>,= 
Students roll the 10 sided dice and the create a set that is <,>,= that number. 

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