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Monday, October 5, 2015

Community Helper Day

We LOVED community helper day!  We had the National Guard come. Lieutenant Howe and  SFC Shelnut came and spoke the children. They set up stations so the students could get in the HumV, use a night vision scope, look through binoculars, and see their equipment up close. 

The next community helpers we saw was the Paulding County SWAT team. These guys did an amazing job explaining their job to the students. 

Next we were able to talk to the Bomb Squad. Not only did they get to see how to X-ray  a suspicious box, they also were able to ask questions. 

Next we were able to listen to the firemen.  They told us about their equipment, hoe they stay safe, and what we need to do if we are ever near a fire. 

Mrs. Lauren did an amazing job talking to us about how she prepares the bus every morning and going over safety and evacuation rules. 

Next we had a Nurse Practitioner come and talk to the students about being healthy and how they help the community. He did an among job answering their questions. 

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