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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Literacy Stations

Our literacy stations are so much fun!!

Station 1- smart board
Students use smart board games to work on letters and sounds. 

Station 2 - iPads 
Students use apps to help improve literacy skills 

Station 3 - computers
Students practice literacy skills 

Station 4- alliteration 
Students choose a letter card and then illustrate 4 items that start with that sound. 

Student 5: listening station 
Students listen to a story and then illustrate the character(s) and setting. 

Station 6- syllables 
Students practice chunking worlds into syllables. 
Station 7- sticker story.studnwts use 1 sticker and then add illustrations and write. 

Station8- studnwts us their spooky fingers to read sight words. 

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