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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Martin Luther King Jr

This week we have discussed Martin Luther King Jr. We discussed who he was and why we celebrate a day for him as a national holiday.  It is so hard for them to understand people not liking someone because of the color of their skin. We did some role playing where we I separated them by boys and girls and told them they could not play together.  They all looked shocked.  Then I separated them by hair color and told them they could not play together.  They started to giggle at this point because they thought it was crazy.

Next we watched The Sneetches. If you have not heard of this book by Dr. Seuss, you will love the message.

Lastly, we read several books on MLK Jr and wrote about him.

 I love how the tie on this MLK does not discriminate with his tie.  Half Alabama and half Clemson :)

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