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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


We began addition last week.  We started with manipulatives (blocks).  We drew our organizer (called a number bond) on the table.  They loved being able to write on the table with their dry erase markers.  Then I gave them story problems.  This helps them figure out what to do.  If I know the parts but not the whole amount we add.  If I know the whole and some went away we subtract.

Mrs. Elkins had 2 dogs and 3 cats as pets.  How many pets does she have in all? 

The 2 parts are put in the smaller circle, the equation is written and then they are slid into the larger circle (the whole)

Mrs. Enfinger bought 3 sweaters and 1 shirt at the store.  How many did she buy altogether?

Today we started drawing our strategies in our problem solving journal.  Then one set of partners were able to share.

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