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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Math Stations

Station 1: 10 frame war
Students flip over a card and use their mathematical dialogue (😉) to say who has the greatest amount. 

Station 2:patterns
Students fill in and extend patterns (or even create their own) 

Station 3: Shapes in our Envirmoent
Students use the shapes given to cute where they might see them in their environment

Station 4: Making 10
Students use the app findsum to make sets to 10 in a 10 frame (or sets to 20 using a 20 frame) 

Station 5:Sorting by Attribute 
Students choose a task card and sort by the attribute given (size, color, shape, thickness) 

Station 6: smartboard 
Students work on Abcya.com

Station7: Making 10 
Students roll their 10 sided dice and build number combinations of 10. Saying "I have ___. I need ___ to have 10. "

Station 8: Computer 
Students work on Starfall to complete math activities. 

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