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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Classifying Animals

We have been working on classifying animals by their attributes. We have looked at how they move and how the parent looks like the baby. Each day we took on a different group of animals. We read books and watched videos watched videos to come up with as much information as we could. Then we wrote about our favorite fact that we learned. 

Insects are exoskeletons.  Insects have 6 legs.

Mammals are warm blooded and fur.

Amphibians have a spine.

Reptiles have a spine.

Birds have wings.

Amphibians have cold blooded.

Fish have fins.

We read books like Do Frogs Have Fur? and What if I Had Animal Feet?

We even examined our own feet. 

We worked on matching animals parents to their babys.

Then we sorted animal pictures into their correct groups.

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