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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Math Stations

I love station time. The studnwts get to work in small group or partners on a task that is "just right" for them and I get to pull students to work on specific task. It's a win win. 

Station 1 : Computer 
I loved this picture but I made them turn around so I could see their smiling faces too! 

Station 2: Ten Frame War 
Each player flipped over a card and had to say who had the greatest. Then we discussed how many more they needed to get to the next 10. We are working on being able to automatically identify the number and how many more. 

Station 3: labeling sets 
We seem to get in a big hurry and miscount when we are labeling sets so we are working on touching and counting or marking out the ones we count so we don't double count, skip , or make any other mistakes. 

Station 4: Tens and Ones 
We read the base ten on our super cute penguin cards and write the number. 

Station 5: graphing 

Station 6: Building Numbers 
Draw a snowman card and build the number. I remind the students to put their singles (units) in groups of 2. It helps them automatically recognize if a number is even or odd. 

Station 7- smart board 
Station 8- iPads 

I must have gotten side tracked because somehow I missed stations. Sorry. 

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