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Monday, April 20, 2015

Length and Height

Today we explored 2 of the qualities objects are measure by...length and height. 

First let's look at height (how tall something is). 
Who is taller?

Can you compare them and put them in order from least to greatest? 

Shelby is taller!!!  Oh wait! In order to measure something you must compare them all equally!

Much better! 

Now let's look at length (how long something is)

Uh oh...Landon isn't starting his measurement at the same spot as everyone else! 

Now we're talking!  These guys are ready to me measured.

Next we used linking cubes to measure objects in the classroom. 

We recorded our predictions and the measurement in our journals. 

A great app to help your kindergartner with measure my is Measurement HD. We will be using it to reinforce the skills we are learning. 

On our second day of exploring measurement we used a Popsicle  stick to compare and measure objects. 

We started with finding three (or more) things that were shorter than our Popsicle stick. 

Then we found 3 (or more) objects that were shorter than our Popsicle stick. 

Next, we measured length. We paired up and measure each other using linking cubes. 

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