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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Insects and Fish

We are beginning learning about different types of animals.
We learned about insects on Monday in our room and fish on Tuesday in Mrs. Irvin's room. 

I started with - 
What makes an insect an insect? 
Why are we not insects? 

These seem like easy questions, however, the answer I kept getting was "because it's an insect" or " because we can't be an insect" but no one could verbalize exactly why. 

We learned that in order to be an insect an animal must
*have 3 body parts 
*have 6 legs
*have antennaes 

Insects also are invertebrates and have an exoskeleton. 

Why is a fish a fish?
Why aren't you a fish? 
Again getting them to verbalize why was harder than you think. 

We learned that 
*fish have gills
*fish live under water 
*fish lay eggs 
*fish have scales 

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