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Saturday, January 24, 2015

100th Day

We had a great 100th day! 
Zero the Hero came to visit one last time.  He left us a great snack! 

We loved our 100th day crown and glasses! 

We colored, cut out, and wrote about Zero the Hero also! 

Next we kicked a Tootsie Roll Pop 100 times! 

We used our mat to put our Fruit Loops in 10 groups of 10. 

After lunch I had hidden 100 Hershey Kisses around the room. There were stickers in the bottom numbered 1-100. Each student had to find 5 and then we placed them on our 100 chart. 

Next we made our 100th day trail mix!  As I passed out each item the students needed to tell me how many more they needed to have 10. For example if u have them 8 gummy bears they would tell me " I have 8 I need 2". 

At recess we played stock the cups!  They had 5 minutes to work together to build a structure/ make a tower with 100 cups. 

Lastly, we worked with a partner to roll our way to 100.

We had an amazing day!  Thank you so much for all your donations!! 

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