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Monday, December 1, 2014

Winter Math Stations

Station 1- Smart Board but...My internet was down so we couldn't use the smart board 😫. We used a Leapfrog Math video to takes its place. 
Station 2: build and decompose a number 
Students drew a card and built the number using rods and singles, then wrote the equation. They repeated this for one less and one more. 
Station 3- how many? How many more? Students use a clothes pin to tell how many (Or how many more) are represented in the 10 or 20 frame  
Station 4- ordering sets 
Students sorted (size, shape, or color) and ordered sets for each bag 

Station 5- count the room 
Students wal around the room and count the dots on the cards and record their answer. (The goal is to automatically see sets and use counting on to identify the set)

Station 6- graphing 
Students count and graph items and wrote their observations on the back. 

Station 7- iPads 
Station 8- students draw a card and draw a set to represent that card in ten frames. Then they represent a set that is 1 more and 1 less. 

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