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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Around the World Week 1

Climb aboard our "plane" as we travel to different countries the next 2 weeks to discover how other countries celebrate Christmas.  

We start in our own classroom and then we journey to different countries (classrooms) every day this week.  Next week we will start the rotation over and our countries change.  
In each country we learn different facts about the country and complete a craft to represent that country.  

We began our journey in Russia.  We learned cool facts and made a nutcracker. 

Next we traveled to Germany. We learned      The Christmas tree originated in Germany. 
We traveled to Mexico and learned about posadas, piñatas, and poinsettias. 
England was a fun country to visit. We learned that people in England give these crackers as presents. 

Next week we will travel to 4 more countries and compare and contrast their Christmas traditions with ours. 

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