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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The 100th Day

It's the 100th day!!!!!  Wow!  The kids were so excited. 
We made colored our 100 day crowns and went to specials.  When we came back, Zero the Hero brought us a special snack!  (a Kit Kat with two fudge round cookies to make the number 100)

Then we made our 100 day snack.  We counted out 10 of each item to create our 100 piece trail mix.  We had goldfish, marshmallows, M&Ms, chocolate chips, Apple Jacks, Cheerios , Cheezits, Cocopuffs, Chex, and pretzel sticks. 

Then we worked on our mystery picture.  We composed and decomposed numbers to create the number 100! 

We licked a lollipop 100 times!  

Then we created our 100 piece necklace.  We sorted our Fruit Loops made a necklace with 100 pieces of cereal. 

We had some 100 year olds show up at school today.  

They were all so proud of their 100 day t shirts!!!

We had a lot of 100 day posters come in too!! 

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