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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Presents!

I hope you all loved your Chrostmas presents.  I wanted to tell you about them.
 The ornaments have snow and reindeer made with your child's thumbprint :) 

Each child was able to choose what they wanted for your canvas.  Their choices were a reindeer, snowman, penguin, or Christmas tree.  
They then painted their own background and when it dried, I painted their foot.  

The reindeer used their thumbprint for the nose and pointer finger for the eyes.  

The Christmas tree used their pointer finger for the ornaments and their thumbprint for the tree trunk. 

For the snowman they painted the snow with their pointer finger. 

The penguin's wings were made with their thumb prints. 

Mrs. Shanks also made the angels for you.  
I hope you enjoyed your presents. The kids worked really hard on them 😊

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