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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have been busy the past week working on rituals and routines. We have practiced how to get it from our table and go to the carpet or lineup. Sounds simple, however, when you have 21 students trying to get up and race to the door or slide onto the carpet it becomes dangerous. The way we handle this is the teacher says one and the students stand up, the teacher says two and they push their chair under (unless they are at the carpet then they just smile at me), then the teacher says three and they lineup in order or walk to the rug and sit in their assigned spot. I let them know where our destination as before we start and by giving each one of them A spot in line or on the rug, there is no need to rush or run because everyone has a specific place. I do however have a line leader in to boost that rotates every week.
We have also learned that raising her hand and crossing our pointer and middle finger to make the sign language letter R is the sign for restroom. When they raise their hand like this they must look at the teacher so that when the teacher sees them they can either shake their head yes or no. This keeps anyone from getting out of their seats or even having to interrupt if the teacher is working with another student(s). We have also worked on our voice levels. Zero is no talking, one is whisper, two is partner talk (they can talk to the person next to them), and three is table talk (they can talk to the people at their table). The last level is four which is outside voice and we only practice that one outsidešŸ˜Š. 

We have done many crafts working with a mini books that talk about how to treat others. My rule is that we don't embarrass the family (our classroom) and that we are always kind. We have read Recess Queen, Wimberley worried, decibel, David Goes To School, The Day the Monster Went to School, and many other books.

As we have read these books we have discussed the front cover, back cover, and the spine that holds the book together. We also have talked about the title page and what is on it and are working on character and setting.
We are working on starting Literacy stations next week so we practiced out sticker story.  We use the sticker as a starting point for an idea of what to write about.  We incorporate the sticker into our picture and them we can write about our picture.

In math we are working on labeling sets, sets greater than and less than, one to one correspondence to 10, wrote counting, identifying shapes, and I haven't done a fine numbers. We have worked in rotations exploring our manipulatives and learning how to use them appropriately. We will begin math stations next week.

In phonics we working hard with our interactive phonics notebook. We have not only learned about the Sound the letter T makes but we have also learned how to form the it and sort pictures that begin with the /t/ sound.  We will do this every week with our new letters. This is also helping us work on our cutting skills.  It is a lot of work but worth it.

Every morning we come in and write in our August journal. We are practicing using at least five colors (if you were five years old) putting details in our pictures, and labeling our pictures are writing a sentence. I have found that the more details  that are in a picture the more details end up in the writing later on. When you see these writings please remember we are working on your child hearing the sounds that they here and getting them on paper.

We also sang about red this week and wore red to celebrate! We sure looked great!

We also had our media center orientation this week.

I apologize for how blogger rotated some of the pictures.  

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