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Monday, October 17, 2016

50th day of school

We LOVED our 50th day! It may have been short on time due to conference week but we made the most of it!

This has to be the cutest kindergartners ever!

We could not have all work and no play.... We predicted if the ice cream in our drink would sink or float when the soda was added.  After we discovered it floated I let them in on a little secret.  I told them that is why that drink is called a coke float /root beer float/etc... 
(ours was a sherbet and sprite float)

We had to have a special snack.  We had hamburgers and french fries with ketchup.  (cupcakes cut in half with brownies and sesame seeds on the "bun" with sugar cookies cut into strips to look like french fries.  We also had red frosting for ketchup. 

We filled in a 50 chart, wrote about what we would like to have 50 of, and we still have somethings to finish up tomorrow!

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