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Monday, April 11, 2016

Math Station Fun!

We are loving working on addition and subtraction! 

Station 1- SmartBoard- subtraction balloon pop (www.abcya.com)

Station 2 -iPads -KinderSub 

Station 3-Bowling Subtraction
Students use bowling to write equations as they knock down cups.   (Ex 10-4=6)

Station 4- computer - Compass 

Station 5- Domino Addition 
Students choose a domino and write the equation to match the dots or copy the dots to help them solve the addition problem. 

Station 6: Bears in the Cave 
The first student draws 2 cards. They put the greatest number in the sum (answer) position and the other number in the first position (ex 4+__=9) while the 2nd student covers his/her eyes. The first student  uses one of their strategies to find out how many bears to put in the cave (under the cup). Studnet 2 then is able to "guess " how many bears are in the cave. 

Station 7: Subtraction using 10 frames 
The student draws an equation strip and places it on their 20 frame mat. They then use the lollipop pieces to represent and answer the equation. 

Station 8:Using manipulatives to answer addition problems

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