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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Math Stations

We have so cool new stations this week! 

Station 1: graphing 

Station 2: smart board 

Station 3:how many or making 10 
Students either clip on the number that shows how many or on the number needed to make 10. 

Station4: computer 

Station 5: Mystery Picture 
Students use place value or ten frames to figure out the number needed and color that number to reveal the mystery picture. 

Station 6: comparing numbers 
Students draw 2 cards , build a set that matches that number, and then defines which set is greater or fewer. 

Station 7: building numbers 
Studnwts draw a card and build that number. Then they make a set that is less and more. 

Station 8 :place value 
Somehow I missed getting a picture. 😟
Studnwts build numbers using rods and singles to represent the number in place value. 

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