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Monday, November 3, 2014

Literacy stations for the week

Station 1: Sight Word Beads 
Students spell their sight words using letter beads and pipe cleaners. 

Station 2-Sight Word Bingo 
Students  work in recognizing their sight words and try to get BINGO

Station 3 Writing 

Station 4: alliteration 
Students used the sound at the beginning of their name and the came up with 6 other words that started with the same sound. They drew and labeled their pictures.  

Station 5:Missing Sounds
Students identified the missing sounds in words or identified the beginning, medial, or ending sounds of pictures. 

Station 7: listening
Students listen to a book and the illustrate their favorite part 

Station 7: CVC words 
Students spelled out CVC words using magnets. 

Station 8:
Students use apps to reinforce phonics skills 

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